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Jimmy Fallon tests Salma Hayek’s knack for transforming sad songs into salsa by having her turn Eric Carmen’s “All by Myself” into an upbeat groove.

Simon’s Cat vs Boxes

“Russian Fairy Tales,” a photo series by Katerina Plotnikova.

I’m Still Here

Shirley MacLaine giving a hell of a performance in Postcards Form The Edge.

Pic of the Day – 6/4/17

An engraved glass window at St. Nicholas’ Church in Moreton, Dorset, U.K.

This post show how you can make a serviceable set of bagpipes out of a plastic bag and some cheap recorders.

An en plein aire painting by Judy Nakari from the Toscana Studio and Gallery.

A stunning sabina bonsai by artist Harry Harrington of Aylesbury, U.K.

Says YouTuber Puddles Pity Party, “I didn’t write either one of these songs. I didn’t think to mash them up either. I first saw this mashup performed by Gregory Dean Smalley in the early 90’s. I miss him a lot.”

OK Go’s latest epic music video:

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