After bar-hopping with Erik the night before, I was mildly hung over. Before leaving for a doctor’s appointment, Tim made me an omelette and an English muffin with butter and jam. Just what the doctor ordered. I also polished off some aloe vera juice I’d gotten from Gus’s Market, and then walked down to Flywheel Coffee again. There was some delay at the line, and while I was waiting, I spotted a cooler full of superjuices. I fished one out and opened it while in line. Ordered an affogato, which is a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream or gelato with two shots of hot espresso poured on top. It was so decadent and delicious.

Sat and read inside for a while. The patio was too hot this time.

I was still feeling a bit green, so I left the coffeehouse and went back to Alvord Lake, where I could lie down on the grass against the slight incline of a tree. Lots of big shady trees and birds singing. So peaceful. There’s a road nearby, but you can’t really see it. Took a video:

Drank my superjuice and read my book. Took a second video, this time on the phone so I could post it to FB:

By now I was feeling better, and went back to wander Haight again. Went back into Tibetan Gift Corner, and looked again for that statement ring I was hoping for. And in one of the glass cases, I found this ammonite ring. Ammonites are the fossil shells of extinct molluscs, similar to the nautilus. From the underside, you can see its opal-like flashes of color, and some translucency. I love it, and the price was right.

Pleased with my find, I went over to Hobson’s for a couple of light Mexican lagers – little hair of the dog. It was just what the doctor ordered. Read my book and people-watched. Got into a conversation with two locals about when to use apostrophes. I overheard them talking and couldn’t resist. Then I popped back into Gus’s and got another superjuice and randomly found some Mimolette in their impressive cheese selection. Mimolette is a sunny orange color and hard like Parmesan. Very transportable. And hard to find. Just a few years ago, it was banned in the US for a while because of some FDA bullshit re: pasturization. So I grabbed a slice of that as well to bring home.

Later, Tim was done with his business and we went back to Izumi in Japantown for sushi. Took the bus this time, two busses each way. Only once did the Clipper card work for me (the one and only time).

After dinner we wandered around the Japan Center shopping mall. And this time, the bonsai shop was open! Oh pray for me. Lots of simple and easy-to-care-for juniper bonsai, some more advanced acer maples, all with breathtaking price tags. Like $250 for a single tree. Like $680 for a forest-style grouping. But tucked in a corner in the back, there were shelves of bonsai pots, plus other assorted pottery pieces. I got this lovely texturized cup for only $6 bucks.

I was seriously tempted by these wee tillandsia earrings but ultimately passed. I have plenty of tills and know how fast they can grow.

I don’t regret passing on these cuties, but they are darling.

Tim picked out one of these tiny metal bird bells, and the displays had these bookmark-like wind catchers attached to the clapper. The lady pulled out a new (non-display) one still in its box, but Tim didn’t realize it was missing the wind flapper until we’d already left. More on this later.

I’ve had that identical bird bell for many years. It’s so charming. Here’s mine – I have it attached to the end of my desk lamp’s pull chain.

We also strolled through Nijiya Japanese Market. So many interesting things to see, including a breathtaking assortment of sakis. When we got home, Tim set about making banana bread with some browned bananas he’d been ripening. Of course, these things always take longer than anticipated. A quick visit to Gus’s was needed. I mainly stayed out of the way. By the time it was done, we were both pooped and called it a night.

Next post: Sausalito!