Says Raptor Rehabber, “This is Oakley the juvenile Great Horned Owl. He came to us after a Tornado hit in Kansas a few years ago. Whenever we get babies, we try to put them together for comfort and security. He was by himself so I put a puppet in with him until I got some other ones his age. I had just fed him and I use a camouflaged sheet over me so he doesn’t see me as a food source. I wanted to see what he would do when he heard a strange voice, so I played the puppet. Here are the results! I only did this once. He was finally released a few months after this video. Our center is a nonprofit organization, that takes in on average 175 birds a year that have bee injured or orphaned. We also find forever home for ones that cannot go back to the wild, but are comfortable living in captivity and become educational ambassadors.”