So, I’ve been finding big fat green caterpillars destroying my tomato plants. I’m pretty sure they are either sphinx drupiferarum or manduca sexta. Instead of just smishing them, I decided to try and get a pair of them to pupate into moths. Put them into mason jars with a damp paper towel at the bottom, a layer of leaf litter, then a dry paper towel, and bits of greenery for them to eat. I cut off bits of the decimated tomato branches and leaves, plus some wild cherry leaves (which we happen to have here on the property), which they apparently love. They’re even called “Wild Cherry Sphinx.”



The others got relocated to the lilac bushes. Also cut one of the ruined tomatoes in half and put those in. This guy in the video is chomping down on one them. Today is day three, and they’ve climbed up onto their sticks. One is still eating as I type this.