My friend Tim makes his dog Moby’s food from scratch. During last year’s trip to San Francisco, I helped out with the process, and it was an experience. I’m not about to do all this myself, but we did start giving Cisco a raw egg maybe twice a week. Makes his coat even softer.

But Rich will take Cisco out around our property most afternoons, and he sniffs out the wildest food you could imagine. I’m usually not along on these excursions, and I really don’t want to see what he finds anyway.

No pictures (you’re welcome), but here’s a running list of the things Cisco has found to feast upon around our land:

  • Deer spines. Frequently. He chews on the cartilage.
  • A maggoty rat’s hind end. (I would have NEVER let him near that, but Rich is more liberal)

And here’s a running list of things where Cisco has dug out their holes and dragged out and eaten:

  • 3 mole pinkies. Hauled out their nest and ate them one by one. Hardly even chewed.
  • A fully-grown mouse. He held it down with his paw and ripped its head off. Then he ate the rest. At least he’s quick about it.
  • 2 baby rabbits. Each around 4-5 inches long. Ate them all. He needed some serious digestion time after that.

So, Tim, beat that!