More flowers. Irises, cactus blooms, some wildflower…

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Mini loves to give up his belly. It’s his fave place for rubs.

curly mini

There must have been half a dozen birds all sharing the feeder at once. This was so unusual, I had to sneak up on them and take a video.

Rich has been asking me to make Hungarian Goulash for him. Said it was really easy and he used to make it all the time. Then he looked up actual recipes and realized that what he’d been making wasn’t Hungarian Goulash at all. What he did was combine some browned ground beef (good grass-fed Angus with 15% fat) with some cooked pasta, marinara sauce, garlic, and oregano in a casserole dish, topped with some Parmesan cheese, and baked it all in the oven. It was good:

"Hungarian" "Goulash"

“Hungarian” “Goulash” aka “Bachelor Food”

hungarian gulash1