Day 4: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 (continued)

I had an hour or so to kill before the guys were ready for me to help with dinner party prep, so I wandered down to Haight and found this “Victorian punch house” called Hobson’s Choice on the corner of Haight and Clayton. They feature three styles of punch for really reasonable prices. To my delight, on the soundtrack, every second song was a Prince song.

hobsons choice-punch menu

I tried a house punch and a go-go punch.

hobsons choice-punches

The beer tap and drain is antique brass.

hobsons choice-brass taps

hobsons choice-label on brass taps

I noticed that every antique chandelier was different:

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Stained glass light fixture:

hobsons choice-stained glass

Back home, Tim set me to prepping sliced bell, Anaheim, and Poblano peppers for the tacos. We also had Serrano peppers for guacamole. Even though I washed my hands twice, they still burned for two days afterwards, especially in warm water.

dinner party prep at tims 160426

Pinot Noir was poured. Guests started arriving. After the peppers were ready, I made guacamole. Erin and I shredded the smoked pork.

Sauvignon Blanc was poured. Old standards played in the background.

A light pink homemade wine was poured. Much fun was had by all. The carnitas, 15 hours in the smoker, were to DIE FOR. Tim telling the Rum Cake Story:

There were also fried taco shells, fresh homemade salsa and guacamole, grilled slabs of pepper, grilled artichokes, and refried beans. For dessert, there was strawberry/blueberry shortcake. Tim had to spike his with some spiced rum, of course.

Didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

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