There’s a sweet little feral tortoiseshell cat (we call her Brindle) that’s been living up here for several years now, and she has a tiny orange kitten (we’ve named it Mini Orange). They’ve both been camping out in a rambling bush by our bedroom for the past week or so. Got some good cat food and they’ve been eating like horses.

brindle & mini orange

They can polish off two of these bowls of food every evening, plus another one for the daytime. Brindle was eating out of this bowl before Rich had even set it down. He also gave her an egg yolk yesterday evening, that she loved, and he was able to hang out with her just a foot away. She’s such a sweetheart. They both have the tiniest mews, it just kills me. They’re both very vocal.

There’s a large aggressive male orange tabby we see in the area with dark blotches that we call “Mr. Orange,” or “Big Bad Orange.” He used to terrorize Gracie, but there are plenty of light-orange ferals around here, so it’s impossible to say if that’s this one’s father. Cisco is VERY interested in them, just like he was with Gracie. We’re hoping they might make our property their permanent home base.