It’s been super warm the past few days. Spotted a gopher snake cruising past the bird feeder at the height of day:

gopher snake

Cisco all tuckered out after a day outside. Just his puppy feet sticking out:

puppy feet

Fractured my toe Friday morning in the shower. I’ve never had a broken bone in my life. Heard an audible crack when I banged it against the ledge I was trying to put my foot on and missed. The bruising came in almost immediately, and spread throughout the day. So did the pain. Did a hot/cold contrast bath that evening, took a bunch of ibuprofin, and taped it to its neighbor. The taping definitely makes it feel better. It’s getting better every day, and I can put a bit of weight on it now. Keeping it taped, though. Feels way too vulnerable without it.



toe day 2