Those of you who’ve followed this blog for years might remember the whole elder abuse saga with my mother-in-law Bub and her granddaughter Katie (Rich’s niece) from posts here, here, and here. After it finally became clear to granddaughter that no more money was forthcoming, we never heard from her again. It’s been three years with nary a call, letter, or visit. Every single time Rich would visit his mom, she’d ask if we’d heard from Katie. It was clear she was hanging on to life in the hope that Katie would call someday. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Bub was just six weeks away from running completely out of the money that was keeping her in her own apartment at assisted living. We dreaded the thought of moving her to some awful nursing home. Rich had been applying for MediCal, but that was looking grim. No facilities take it, and she probably wouldn’t have qualified anyway; she makes too much money (about $1500/month from SSI and VA). They will literally put people out on the sidewalk and/or tell the family to deal with taking them in, and whether they are able to is none of their concern. It should be a crime against humanity the way our society treats the elderly.

Thankfully, Bub passed away peacefully early yesterday morning with Rich by her side. A true Irishwoman, it was fitting for her to go on St. Patrick’s Day. She was 92 years old. She will be sorely missed.

Rest in Peace, Lucille Kathryn Robson.