My friend Monsoon tagged me for this challenge. First job sounds like a good place to start, so here goes:

1) My first job was at a McDonald’s, at the age of 15. I hated the constant din, all the beeping in particular. I hated the scratchy polyester uniforms. I hated the way I came home every night permeated in grease: my clothes, my hair, my skin… all greasy. The pay was lousy. I quit after three weeks. Certainly gave me an appreciation for anyone who works in fast-food.

2) I went to a private school until the middle of seventh grade. We had to wear uniforms, again with the polyester. I grew up in the 70’s, so I had to wear a lot of that crap. I was in an advanced-placement class, and it was very stressful. One day I came home with a nosebleed that didn’t stop for 45 minutes. The next day, my mom took me out of there and enrolled me at the local public school, where I thrived.

3) I love trying weird food combinations, like peanut butter and mayonaise, or peaches with green onions and balsamic vinegar, or my favorite…. mashed avocado and banana on open-face toasted bread with mayo. Mmmmmm….

4) My first car was a ’72 VW Karmann Ghia. Drove it for nine years. The defroster didn’t work, and the battery frequently drained on me for unknown reasons. But I loved it.

5) Many of you know I was a competitive figure-skater when I was young. But before that, I tore up the tennis court pretty well, too. I had a killer serve. Tall, you know.

6) Everything I know about cooking, I learned after I left home, mostly from friends and magazines and cooking shows. My mom is just about the worst cook ever. But I give her credit for constantly trying.

7) I sleep naked, except in the deadest cold of winter. Can’t stand having stuff either pulling on or bunching up around me when I move. Feel like it’s choking me.

8) I refuse to buy a car with automatic transmission. I am a stick-shift girl. Remember above re: the VeeDub’s battery always draining? I got really good at push-starting that puppy. Could get it running with only six feet of space or so. Plus, with a manual transmission, you can also down-shift, saving your brakes, and park it in gear on hills, in case the parking brake snaps.

9) Someday I want two things: an outdoor shower, and a treehouse.

10) I would love to be able to speak Russian, but I know that’s never going to happen. So my mom, who’s Ukrainian, taught me some curses. Here’s one:

shlawk be-te-ve trofl  (in the be-te-ve — all e’s are pronounced as with emerald; the l in shlawk should be rolled; trofl as in troffle) – literal meaning – “may lightening strike you dead.”

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