At the produce market (North Park Produce) I go to, I’ve discovered this lovely, rustic olive oil soap from Lebanon.

I’ve gotten a bit sick and tired of store-bought soaps melting, cracking and generally not lasting very long. The block-y, square shape and the rough stamp imprint of these got my notice. Reminds me of expensive French soaps. Each is easily large enough to slice in two.

The brand is Al-Koura, from Amyoun Koura in Lebanon. Tel: (06) 950385

The lady at the check-out asked me if I liked it. Confessing I’d not tried it yet, I asked if she liked it. She told me her mother-in-law uses it for everything, including laundry. I guess she takes the bar out before the rinse cycle…

What really strikes me about the soap is that it really smells like soap. Pure, natural soap without any added flowery chemical scents. I love washing my hands just to smell it.