For many years, I’d believed there were cleaners that were best for jewelry. I’d heard of using Mr. Clean and hot water. I’d heard of using toothpaste. Of course, there are those expensive cleaners and even more expensive sonic contraptions. One day I asked my jeweler what is best. Really, all you need is:

Hot water, rubbing alcohol, a clean soft toothbrush, and maybe a Q-Tip.

Get the water in your tap nice and hot. Give the piece a rinse. Dip your toothbrush in the rubbing alcohol, and scrub the jewelry on top, sides, and especially underneath. Get the bristles in all those hard-to-reach places. Keep dipping your toothbrush in the alcohol as needed. The alcohol will cut the oils and dirt in the piece. When you’re done scrubbing, give it another rinse under HOT water, shake the excess water off, and set aside to dry. The heat should help it dry quickly. If any water spots remain, polish them out with the Q-Tip.