That’s right, kids. Our favorite young criminal was taken into custody this morning for 119 days. Hopefully she’ll serve at least 30-45 days of that. Then there are still the felonies in San Diego after she gets out of Riverside jail. And the detectives are still working on the latest elder abuse charge – that hasn’t even gone to the District Attorney yet. At least she’ll be out of our hair for a little while.

The house is almost finished getting painted. We’re going up tomorrow and again Sunday. We’ll be moving furniture to the garage in preparation for new carpet. All the small antiques we’ll be packing up and selling ourselves. No need to have a fire sale on those, because we can’t move Rich’s mom into assisted living until the house sells anyway. As for the furniture, we’re taking one piece that we think is valuable. We’ll do the research and sell it and the small antiques ourselves. Since we can’t have an estate sale there, we’re just going to quietly tell a couple of the neighbors, and the real estate agent, that there is furniture for sale in the garage, all offers considered. Anything left over at the close of escrow will go to Goodwill.

Rich’s mom is only concerned with Katy getting certain pieces of furniture that belonged to her late mother. While compiling all the banking info for the police detective, Rich discovered that his mom has bailed Katy out of jail four times in the past 18 months, three times just last December! There’s also another new petty theft that was only charged on January 7th. She’s been a busy girl!