The house is finally ready for painting. That will start on Monday. We’re still planning on moving Rich’s mom to Grossmont Gardens a week from tomorrow. She still thinks she will be able to stay on her own at home. But her health is deteriorating quickly anyway, and she’s beginning to realize the inevitable. We’ve got to get her out of that hideous nursing home.

We also met with a lady from an estate-sale service to discuss liquidating the antiques she won’t have room for. They’re all she has left for savings. Then when most of the furniture is moved out, we’ll have to re-carpet before it goes up for sale.

Rich is still working on applying for V.A. benefits for his mom. That’s no simple task, let me tell you. We’ve not heard anything from Katy, thank God. Now that the money is gone, Katy has no more use for her grandma.