Yesterday we spent the whole day cleaning and moving furniture, and getting antiques dusted and displayed for an appraiser. No ugly scenes in the street, no new surprises, no drama. Whew. My back is killing me.

We did find out a bit more on her most recent charges. You can find all these public records on the internet. These are all still current. In chronological order:

The “Beer Run” (petty theft) – A couple years ago, she was with a bunch of her worthless friends. They were all stoned and drunk, and ran out of beer and munchies. So they went to a grocery store at four in the morning to steal some. They got caught. She keeps getting probation, over and over, and keeps violating it, over and over. To her credit, though, she had been slowly paying off the hefty fine the court slapped on her. It was nearly paid off.

Elder abuse and Theft (#1) – this was the first go-around with Rich calling the police to report Katie stealing money from her grandma. Again the same story with probation. She’s also supposed to be paying restitution to grandma, and there’s to be “no negative contact.”

Petty theft (#2) – this happened last August. We don’t know any details on this one.

The San Diego felonies – Last December 2nd, Katie and her boyfriend were arrested in S.D. and charged with Possession of Stolen Property, Grand Theft, and Use of More than 4 Stolen Credit Cards. There was a $50,000 bail for those, that’s how grandma paid $5000 to get her out.

Elder abuse and Theft (#2) – the latest round that you all have been reading about.

Here’s the interesting part: When you’re on probation, any petty theft or minor misdemeanor is considered serious. Even if she steals two dollars, it’s still a felony. The first elder abuse charge was her first felony. Because she was on probation, the second petty theft in August would be her second. And the big felonies in S.D. would be her third. Even if the August petty theft is dismissed, the second elder abuse charge would still be her third felony.

In California we have a somewhat controversial law on the books called “Three Strikes.” The idea is that if you’ve committed three felonies, you’re considered a career criminal, and that third felony will put you in jail for a MUCH longer time: 25 years to life.

Yikes. She is in BIG trouble.