A lady walks up to the sporting goods counter at Wal-Mart. The man behind the counter was wearing those super-dark wraparound sunglasses, like you get after eye surgery.

"Oh, did you just see the eye doctor?" she asked.
"No m'aam, I'm actually legally blind," he kindly replied.
"How do you manage here?"
"Don't you worry, m'aam, I know where ever single thing is at, and I can feel the packaging, and scan the barcode, and tell you exactly what is what. And I can operate this here cash register by memory."

Impressed, the lady told him she wanted to buy a fishing rod and reel for her husband.
"Over yonder on that wall to your right, is a display of rod and reel sets on sale – they're only $20."

As she was perusing the choices, she realized she needed to break wind. After checking around to make sure no one was nearby, she let it loose.

She picked out a rod and reel and brought them over to the blind man. He rang it all up on the register and said, "That'll be $27 dollars, m'aam."

"$27 dollars? I thought you said the rods were on sale for $20."

"Yes, m'aam, the rod and reel is $20, plus there's $5 for the bird call, and $2 for the stink bait."

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