Yesterday, somewhere between Albertsons and North Park Produce, I lost my shopping list. Luckily I only needed a few things from NP Produce, and I think I remembered them all. I got a couple extra things just in case. Rich mentioned something like, "Someone's going to pick up your list and they'll know what we have in our house." Ooooooo… big whoop. But Rich & I like to spin scenarios for fun, like movie plots or novels or whatnot. So we tried to imagine a shopping list, that if found in a Wal-Mart parking lot, would prompt one to call the police. Here's what our dark, twisted minds came up with:

50' nylon rope
00 shot
50# bag lime
Plastic sheeting / Tarps
Tube socks
Duct tape
Curling iron
Extension cord
Garden shears
Ski mask

I know, we're sick. This is how we pass the time on an hour commute.
Can you all come up with any additions? Let's hear yours!

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