This weekend, the local news media made a big to-do about the fact that the Mongols biker gang had rented spaces at the La Jolla Indian Reservation campground for their annual meeting. I guess a brawl broke out at the last one in Laughlin when the Hells Angels, their arch-rivals, crashed their meeting. The police were going to make sure that as long as they were law-abiding, there'd be no trouble. They'd ticketed a few bikes coming in, mostly for registration or equipment violations. The meeting was supposed to last through Sunday.

Well, on Sunday Rich & I drove to Murietta to visit our families. Our backcountry route takes us right past the campground they were using. We figured we'd see an increased police presence, but BOY we were shocked at what we did see.

Along a 10-mile stretch of road, I counted 52 Highway Patrol and Sheriff vehicles, 2 helicopters, and one SWAT team tank, complete with a dude's head in a metal helmet sticking out the turret.

They all had semi-automatic rifles. They'd park along the side of the road in groups of four or more vehicles, and stand there glaring at every car that went by, holding their rifles. They'd partially block the road, so people would have to edge over the double-yellow line to creep past – not a comfortable situation when there's also traffic coming from the other direction.

In all this activity, we saw only ONE motorcyclist who was being questioned.

What a total waste of tax-paid resources. What if there had been a real emergency in the County? I hope those cops felt silly. I hope the Mongols got a really good laugh seeing all the fuss being made over them. Good heavens.


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